Spiti Valley Jeep Safari with Kungri Monastery Festival

Spiti Valley is in the most northern part of Himachal Pradesh, India, situated right on the Tibetan border. Historically Spiti was part of the Guge Kingdom. Tabo monastery, on the south eastern end of the Spiti Valley was founded in the year 996 AD and is the oldest continuously operating Buddhist enclave in India and the Himalayas. There are many gompas nearly as old and of similar interest in the valley.

The valley floor is ten to thirteen thousand feet above sea level and is a high altitude desert. Summer days are hot and the nights are cold. Winter temperatures can get down as low as twenty degrees below zero at night. Tibetan Buddhism is the religion and there are monasteries of all the different Buddhist sects. The language is Boti, (a Tibetan dialect).

On this trip, we will visit remote valleys, villages and cross over high mountain passes with spectacular views of snow capped peaks, rugged terrain and old monasteries.

We will also view on of the most interesting monastic festivals in the Kungri Monastery.


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