Being a tour leader driven company, India Exotica offer you experiences that we have enjoyed ourselves. As travellers & photographers, we could be genuinely enthusiastic only if we have travelled those very tours that we provide on our site. From the breathtaking must-see sights for a first-time traveller to the remote & rugged but culturally rich destinations for a repeat traveller, our advice will be based on our own experience. Here, we invite you to sample some of this diversity!



With our own lodges, tented camps & privately researched data base of local festivals, we create products that are not available in the market.



With direct connect with guides, hotels and transport agents, our professional staff has a direct control over the planning of your tour.



Our office near the international airport is the nerve centre of all operations. Professional multi lingual staff keep an eye on your real time travel needs. You will have a dedicated telephone no from our office during your travel.

What makes these Tours different?

A local festival, a school visit, interaction with a family as they prepare your meal in their home. Fancy riding a camel or an elephant? How about an Indian wedding, a Bollywood movie or a session of yoga with a Guru. We create journeys worth taking - for the traveler, for the host and for the world.

Discover travel that stirs your soul


We keep ourselves updated on the latest development in the tourism field in India. A new flight, a newly opened beautiful hotel or return of an old experience. You will be assigned a dedicated travel advisor during your planning and actual travel stage who will answer all your queries. We take pride in replying to you within 24 hours (or even less).

These are good reasons for you to choose us.


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Adventure Tour Operators Association of India

American Society of Travel Agents

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